Corporate Organization

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Administration Department
Argus Administration Department controls overall production quality, reliability and effectiveness of the whole company. The administration department manages to deliver high quality service to our customers to meet in every respect and humble.

Daily Management Meeting.
In order to achieve a significant penetration of the market, which is highly competitive, Managers of all departments gather on daily basis to discuss issues as how the planning, development and business strategy, as well as various ways to meet our clients requirements in cost effective manner.

Argus Factory and Warehouse Management.
Computerized Warehousing. To speed up the process of product ordering and delivery, the company's operation in processing materials to parts and then to product are computerized.

Final Product Inspection Team.
Other than regular procedure of quality control along the production line, it is required that all products must go through careful examination by the final product inspection team before product shipment to ensure strict quality control of the company's every single product.

Vision & Goal
-   As 100% Bumiputra Company, we practice multinational management, inline with the Government's Vision 2020's harmony projection. The employee consists of multi-racial technicians and management staffs, working together as a team and family in the company. At AAT, everyone works hard to achieve our goal for highest engineering services quality, commitment and excellence.
-   We have experience for more that 10 years in the field, especially Telecommunication and Power Conversion Technology which enable us the ability to offer better, competitive and cost effective solution to meet our customer's demanding requirements. Our product embodied high quality and reliability into the design and engineering as the backup.
-   Being a completely autonomous company, qualities are assessed to Malaysia. Along with our growth and goal achievements, we frequently involved in charity work and other.
-   In the era of Multimedia Super Corridor, we are also taking a minor part in the development and growth, by participating in some of the MSC's activities.

Customer Support
24 hours Customer Support Department. Only with a support department a company can provide reliability. Argus support department helps customer to reduce down time in services and production.

Hotline / Express Line
03 - 9274 6275 / 019 - 644 8534 (Central Region)
013 - 244 5321(Northern Region)
013-636 7738 (Southern Region)
013 - 6367738 (Sabah & Sarawak)