ACE Security Laminate
Brief Story of Security Laminates
   - Have been around for approximately 20 years
   - Derived from the window tint industry
   - Through R&D it was discovered that a multi-layered polyester laminate could offer high
      level of protection
   - ACE laminates are different because of our adhesive and manufacturing process

Why choose security laminates?
   - The single most cost-effective approach to preventing personal injury, loss of life and
     property damage from forced entry, projectile entry and explosive blasts.
   - Can be applied as a retrofit or new construction.

Security Laminates Checklist
   - Must consist of multiple layers of polyester film.
   - Minimum thickness of 9-20 mils
   - Break Strength 200-450 PSi.
   - Provide high impact protection
   - Bomb blast protection
   - Bullet resistance on ½ inch annealed glass

Application and benefits of security laminates
    - Security laminates are applied in various manners dependant on the level of protection
    - Laminate also provides UV radiation control rejecting up to 99% of harmful UV rays.
    - Laminates are resistant to heat, extremely hard to ignite, and are self-extinguishing

Technical Specifications
    - Meets & exceeds UL standards for burglary resistance.
    - Exceeds UL bullet resistant standards on ½ inch glass for small fire arms.
    - Industry leading bomb blast protection V tested up to 2500lbs of explosives.

Product Demonstration
 - Bomb Blast
 - Quantico
 - Bullets
 - Protestors
 - Automotive Applications

Our Key Clients
 - U.S. Federal Government and agencies
 - Various North American police forces
 - Canadian Federal Government buildings
 - North American airports
 - Power plants
 - Embassies
 - High tech companies
 - Television stations
 - Drug stores
 - International agencies

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