As one of the world's largest industrial battery manufacturers and a leader in stored energy solutions, EnerSys is at the forefront of delivering the most effective products for a wide range of applications. Enersys maintains its industry leading position by providing innovative solutions to help customers ultimately achieve their business goals. EnerSys Reserve Power Division offers a complete product line of flooded and valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries for applications such as telecommunications, UPS, utility/switchgear, security, emergency lighting, general electronics, medical, aviation, military and sport and leisure.With an integrated global network of manufacturing and distribution facilities, EnerSys is able to deliver its products throughout the world in the most cost-effective manner.

Through extensive research and testing and the use of high-grade materials, EnerSys develops products that deliver optimum performance and takes energy storage technology to a higher level. When you purchase an EnerSys product, you can be assured of high quality, reliable power, backed by over 100 years of experience.

As technology evolves, the demands that are placed on systems requiring stored energy are increasing and presenting new challenges. With its vast resources, advanced technology, commitment to customer satisfaction and the ability to provide global energy solutions, EnerSys is positioned to satisfy both current and future customer requirements.


Constantly evolving technologies require rapid response to changes in technical requirements and EnerSys is first to react. Our brand names and innovative product designs are world renown for excellence and the effective energy solutions they provide.

Premium range of highly reliable flooded and VRLA products to serve the demanding requirements of telecommunications and electric utility/switchgear markets. PowerSafe products offer the broadest range of flooded and valve-regulated lead acid products to provide the ideal solution for telecom applications, including central office, outside plant and wireless, as well as electric utility applications, including power generation transmission and distribution.

A reliable range of both flooded and VRLA batteries specifically designed for the high power requirements of the most demanding uninterruptible power supply systems, ranging from workstations to data centers and all needs in between.

An extensive range of premium pure lead, standard and Gel VRLA batteries that provide superior performance for such diverse applications as security systems, emergency lighting, UPS, mobility, cable TV and medical.

Thin plate rechargeable cells in a cylindrical configuration. Offers a unique alternative to conventional lead alloy batteries.

Integrated Systems & Services
Complete turnkey services from design and installation to battery maintenance programs, and more.

Battery Chargers
A wide range of high quality, silicon and microprocessors controlled rectifiers designed to meet the requirements of utility and other Reserve Power applications. 

Battery Racks
A large selection of battery racks and cabinets that meet various design and structural standards.

Sealed, rechargeable, Drycell deep cycle batteries designed to offer both short duration high amperage pulse or low rate long duration drains required by powersports, automotive, commercial and heavy-duty marine applications.